2017 Plans

New plans for 2017

The Southern Counties Petanque Association are pleased to announce our new, exciting, fresh and innovative plans for the coming year.

The executive committee have been working hard to bring you plans that encourage greater participation, reward our members for their time and effort and to improve the playing level of our region.

These plans are designed to benefit and reward all our members and we hope you understand the importance of trying new things and implementing fresh ideas.

We wish you all a successful and progressive 2017!

The Plans



* To encourage participation in SCPA events

* To show we appreciate the commitment of our members

* To reward[1] members for the time and effort they give

* To reward intermediate[2] players for playing in competitions they may feel they have less chance of winning

* To give members a clear indication of their progress in high level competitions, as it will be in black and white

* Rewards for the top 4 players

* Rewards for the 4 highest placed intermediate players


Players will gain points in SCPA Regional events across the year; these points will be totalled and compiled into a list after every regional event. By the end of the year, the player in first place will be awarded the ‘Player of the Year’ trophy at the presentation night. The SCPA events will be categorised into two categories: Major Regional Competition and Minor Regional Competition. Juniors will not be awarded points.

Ranking Points:


Main                              Plate                          Consolages

Winners: 60                Winners: 25             Main Winners: 30

Runners Up: 50          Runners Up: 20      Main Runners Up: 25

Semi Finalists: 40     Semi Finalists: 15   Main Semi Finalists: 15

Quarter Finalists: 30                                    Plate Winners: 5


Main                              Plate                         Consolages

Winners: 50                Winners: 20            Main Winners: 25

Runners Up: 40          Runners Up: 15      Main Runners Up: 20

Semi Finalists: 30      Semi Finalists: 10  Plate Winners: 5

SCPA SHOOTING: The points system for the shooting will be different to those above. Each member that participates will receive their best score in points. The top 4 will each gain additional points, as follows: 1st 40 2nd 30 3rd 25 4th 20.


1ST 60 2ND 55 3RD 45 4th 45 5th 35 6th 35

7th 30 8th 30 9th 20 10th 20 11th 15 12th 15



* To improve the playing level of our female membership

* To have our ladies competing regularly together at our National events, where possible

* To show our ladies members that we value them and their progression

* To create a unity amongst the ladies game

* To improve our level of attendance at National events


The SCPA will use a Saturday (or where fit) to have our ladies members participate in a day of coaching and games to help improve their abilities as players in all forms of the game: shooting, pointing and tactically.

This new venture is to help build confidence in our ladies members and to encourage them to participate in National level competitions.

This is a chance for our ladies members to play together and earn some invaluable experience in high level tournaments. This will also give them a sense of belonging, a chance to mix with similar ability members and have the opportunity to improve their game with adequate mentoring, coaching and efforts. The SCPA Regional Coach along with our most high level experienced members will take the session.

Each lady will be given the opportunity to talk about their aspirations, their fears, where they want to improve and how they want to do it.

Please note: date and venue TBC



* Rewarding an upcoming player will again show that we reward the efforts of all our players

* Gives those looking to progress an incentive to show and achieve it

* To encourage players to participate in events, even if they feel they will not win but will know their efforts are not going unnoticed


Before the end of October 2017, the SCPA will ask each club to send in their one candidate who they believe has been the most improved player for the season.

The executive committee will then decide through the list of names and give that player the ‘Most Improved Player’ of the year award at the Presentation evening.

All the other players that were offered forward will still be notified of their progress, to show that we value their efforts to improve.



* To break any divides between the advanced [6] players and the intermediate players

* To extinguish the ‘them and us’ vibe

* An opportunity for the intermediate players to learn from the advanced players, thus enhancing their game and gaining valuable knowledge

* The chance for an intermediate player to experience getting to a major final or higher echelons of a tournament

* For the advanced player to give some in game coaching to an intermediate player

* For the advanced player to give something back to the Region


This tournament will be a doubles event held at an appropriate venue where players are asked to enter, singly, before being categorised as either an advanced or an intermediate player.

Advanced players are highly encouraged to enter the event to show their commitment to helping the intermediate players improve.

Once entry has been submitted, players are put into teams, one from each category, and a normal competition will be held. The competition will be a SCPA non-ranking event.

Please note: date to be changed from that shown on the calendar. Venue TBC


[1] The top 4 players (1st-4th place) in the Ranking System will receive a voucher enabling them to enter the following years Inter Regional Qualifying Round Robin for FREE. The 1st player will win the SCPA ‘Player of the Year’ trophy also.

The highest 4 placed Intermediate players in the Ranking System will receive a voucher enabling them to enter the following years Inter Regional Qualifying Round Robin for FREE. The highest ranked Intermediate will win the new, ‘Mike Knight’ Trophy[7] also.

[2] A player categorised as an Intermediate player for 2017 will be any player that HAS NOT played in the MAIN, TOP 8, SCPA SQUAD at the Inter Regional Championships in the last 3 years (2014, 15 & 16).

[3] Major Regional Competitions: Singles, Doubles, Mixed, Over 50s, SCPA Open.

[4] Minor Regional Competitions: Adult/Junior, Under 50s, Shooting, Winter Doubles, Summer Doubles.

[5] Now also the SCPA Triples.

[6] A player categorised as an Advanced player for 2017 will be any player that HAS played in the MAIN, TOP 8, SCPA SQUAD at the Inter Regional Championships in the last 3 years (2014, 15 & 16)

[7] The highest placed intermediate player will receive the Mike Knight Trophy. This trophy is symbolic of Mike and his generosity when it came to supporting, helping and coaching players of all abilities.


Thank you for reading and taking on board our new initiatives. We believe these are part of a bigger picture to improve as a region.

Once again, your support is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks on behalf of the SCPA

David Plumhoff

SCPA Vice President