Lachani & Prendergast defend SCPA Title!

The 2017 Southern Open was once again a huge success, echoing 2016’s hugely popular event. Hosted by Worthing Petanque Club and magnificently run by SCPA competition secretary Hilary Kidd, the event had 35 triples teams battling for the top prize of £450.

As with 2016, the competition was fiercely competitive with some of the best players in England travelling from all over the country to the Open.

The format for this years event was 9 groups of 4 teams (with one bye in one of the groups), the group winners plus the next best 7 went in to the Main. The next 16 were put into the Plate with the final 3 teams playing a round robin for the Spoon.

The top 16 was not much of a surprise. The favourites taking their places in the Main.

After 4 knock out games, the Chiltern/London combination of Sean Prendergast, Sofiane Lachani and Monty Quaia were victorious in a fairly comfortable final. The trio defeated the all London team of Vince Wills, Rachid Hannache and Fadi Brahmi 13-5.

Full Results:

CHAMPIONS:     Sean Pendergast, Monty Quaia, Sofiane Lachani

Runners Up:       Vince Wills, Fadi Brahmi, Rachid

Semi Finalists:   Sammy Thatcher, Sarah Huntley, Jack Blows

                              Martin Hughes, Barry Wing, Jeremy Huntley

Quarter Finalists: Dave Plumhoff, David Cruz, Oscar Panadero

                                 Glenn Floyd, Lee Redfern, Chris Wilcox

                                 Graham Galton, Tomasz Rypien, Bernie Miles

                                 Kaylee Thatcher, Steve Lombard, Karen Lombard

Main Cons Winners: Alan Constable, Tony Mann, Matt Shrimpton

Main Cons Rup:        Scott Ashby, Kevin Spillett, Nic Baxter

Main Cons: SF:          Steven Slade, Martin Pry, Sylvie Pry

                                      Reece Gould, Mike Quaia, Ross Jones

Plate Winners:           Stuart Floyd, Callum Lombard, Josh Tombelson

Plate Rup:                    Jason White, Ollie Zimmerman, Phil Claydon

Plate SF:                      David Kilshaw, Carrie Litchfield, Mike Sheppard

                                      Dave Stubbs, Ali Stubbs, Mike Porter

Plate Cons Winners: Jamie Brookes, Marc Cruz, Liam Floyd, Josh Price

Plate Cons R Up:       Allan Paice, Trevor Treend, Harrison Ash

Spoon Winner:          Angela Brooks, Tony Jackson, Diana Hollis

Spoon R Up:               Lyn Porter, Abbey Brookes, Debbie Matthews




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