Winter Doubles 2017

The finals of the 2016/17 SCPA Winter Doubles were played at Burridge on Saturday, March 25th. From an initial entry of 18 the following teams qualified for the finals:

1 Callum Lombard, Stuart Floyd (Beacon View) 13 wins +129

2 David Franco-Cruz, Oscar Panadero-Gimeno (Cobbetts) 13 wins +97

3 Steve Lombard (Cobbetts), Karen Lombard (Beacon View) 11 wins +47

4 Dave Stubbs, Richard Greeves (Cobbetts) 10 wins +55

5 Mark Robertshaw, Hassi Leverett (Fareham) 10 wins +42

6 Alison Stubbs, Mike Porter (Cobbetts) 9 wins +48

7 Dave Kilshaw, Carrie Litchfield (Fareham) 9 wins +4

8 Lee Redfern, Diane Redfern (Cobbetts) 7 wins +8

On a beautiful spring day, the eight teams played in two leagues of four in the morning with the top two teams from each league going forward to contest the semi-finals and the other teams playing for places. Steve and Karen were undefeated in League 1 with David and Oscar in 2nd place. Mark and Hassi won League 2 just ahead of Callum and Stuart on points difference, with both teams winning two games. Defending champions, Stuart and Callum, overcame Steve and Karen 13-4 in one semi-final while David and Oscar were beating Mark and Hassi 13-5 in the other. In the final David and Oscar quickly opened up a 6-0 lead only for Stuart and Callum to fight back to retain their title with a 13-10 win in a hard fought final.

Full Results:

Winners Stuart Floyd and Callum Lombard (Beacon View)

Runners-Up David Franco-Cruz and Oscar Panadero-Gimeno (Cobbetts)

3rd Karen Lombard (Beacon View) and Steve Lombard (Cobbetts)

4th Mark Robertshaw and Hassi Leverett (Fareham)

5th Dave Kilshaw and Carrie Litchfield (Fareham)

6th Dave Stubbs and Richard Greeves (Cobbetts)

7th Mike Porter and Alison Stubbs (Cobbetts)

8th Lee Redfern and Diane Redfern (Cobbetts)

Thanks to David Stubbs for the report.

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