About Us

Pétanque, also known as ‘boule’ is very much the sport for all the family and it is not uncommon to see three generations playing pétanque in the same game and on an equal footing and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process. It is a sport for everyone. It is easy to learn although hard to master and can also be played by those with disabilities. Everyone is encouraged to try it.

The Southern Counties Pétanque Association (SCPA) exists to promote, develop and organise the sport of petanque within the counties of West Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset and parts of Wiltshire and Surrey. It is affiliated to the English Pétanque Association (EPA) and is one of the largest regions in the UK.

The SCPA has a special place in the history of pétanque in the UK as it is at Samuel’s Rest (formerly Samuel’s Hotel), Shedfield, near Wickham, Hampshire, that the British Petanque Association (the forerunner of the EPA) was founded. There is a well established league structure (inaugurated in 1978) which is keenly supported by most clubs. It is so formulated that even the newer players can enjoy the friendly competition of league participation and there are club and regional tournaments throughout the season.


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