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SCPA are pleased to announce its newest addition, CEI, our new Sponsors. CEI will sponsor the region for the next 3 years in a deal worth £2.000.

The sponsorship is to be used to promote the sport in our region, to enhance our equipment, provide professional time for the coaching of all our players, whatever their ability and to also sponsor our enthusiastic junior players, as they are the future.

CEI will also be seen within our league structure, with all leagues to be known as the CEI Petanque League.

This is a very exciting time for the Southern Counties Petanque Association.

About CEI
Founded in 1991, CEI has built up a workforce of qualified staff and a strong reputation for quality. We’re trusted to do what we say we’ll do, working throughout the UK from our base near Southampton.

We work on projects of every scale in every kind of premises – schools, offices, banks, domestic houses, large hotels, sports facilities and industrial premises. It might be a one-off contract to install heating and electrical systems in a new development, or a long-term arrangement to refurbish several thousand local authority properties

As an approved partner of Hampshire County Council and Southampton City Council we install or upgrade electrical systems in local education, sports, civic and residential buildings. Our customers include private developers, defence organisations, builders, and contractors, industrial and commercial businesses. We have also installed world-class systems for major UK football clubs and other sports arenas associated with the 2012 Olympic Games.

To see visit the CEI website click here